This is an application that allows you to store and share files
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MegaCloud is an user-friendly application that allows you to store files on the MegaCloud server and share them for free. You can install this utility on your Mac, PC or even on your smartphone.


- Instant synchronization across all devices.
- MegaCloud will scan for changes made to your files and only upload those revisions.
- Seamlessly integrated into your operating system.
- Instant and automatic file synchronization.
- Invite friends, family and co-workers to share your files and folders.
- Support file sharing with non MegaCloud users.
- Shared files are triggered to update instantly when changed so you and your friends always have the latest version.
- Revisit and restore earlier versions of your files whenever you like.
- Review and retrieve deleted files anytime.
- Access MegaCloud from anywhere in the world.
- Browse, edit, view and even delete your files online.
- Massive 5GB of storage free when you sign up.
- Earn an extra 10GB by inviting your friends to MegaCloud.
- Premium plans available to suit your storage needs.

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